We are proud of building a close-chain system of the seafood industry, from modern processing plants and professional staff, we have created the best quality seafood products, based on actively controlling the feedmill sources, the living environment and techniques for farming in each farming area. Besides that, to ensure food hygiene and safety of each product to consumer’ hands, quality packaging is always guaranted by us

Not only controlling our own products, we also care about the environment in order not to waste any of our or farmer’s effort, rendering plant was established to create products for breeding and production.


With 24 farming areas, the total area of pangasius farming is more than 300ha, with total capacity up to 120,000 tons of fish materials per year, and hatcheries can supply 14 billion fingerlings based on 20,000 broodstock. In addition, the tilapia farming areas built on the river with more than 4,000 floating cages producing more than 80,000 tons of fish per year, everything is managed by experts, so we are confident to meet the demand of market in both quality and quantity.

Nam Viet frozen seafood factory (DL152), Atlantic Ocean frozen factory (DL384), Indian Ocean frozen factory (DL18): Equipped with modern equipments, high capacity which are operated by our professional staff , we ensure quality on every product produced.


From qualified ingredients such as soybean mill from Argentina, fishmill from Peru … along with research by R&D department as well as our experience by growing fish in our farming area. We have created products for many kinds for aquaculture such as: Pangasius, snakehead, tilapia, frog … and have been confirmed on the market by the farmers in over Mekong Delta and will be over the country in the future as our belief.


In order to have the best products for consumers, we actively create our own packaging to control the quality from PE bags, PP bags to fully loaded cartons meet all the standards of customers in every country in the world.


From blood, skin, bones, heads … after seafood processing, we use them to create products that can continue to serve other needs such as: gelatine, raw materials for animal feed … as well as contribute to environmental protection.