Our vision

  • Become a top brand in South East Asia in the field of fisheries
  • Always improve product quality, put the trust in customer and aim for sustainable development first
  • Target to meet the global brand standard, leading the “prestige – quality – clean products – prioritize consumer’s health”.

Our story

The great start for our Corporation’s story is to begin with our beloved leader – Chairman Doan Toi.

First of all, He established Nam Viet Co., Ltd. in the field of civil and industrial construction. Without stopping there, he relized the potential of our country’s fishery sector which could be further developed, fish farmer’s livelihoods could be further improved. In 2000, he bravely invested to expand the scope of activities to seafood market. The first was the establishment of Nam Viet Freezing Factory, specializing in processing pangasius. At the same time, he established fish farming areas to control the supply of raw materials.

Next is the establishment of the second Freezing Factory named Pacific Ocean Factory in 2004. In 2008, the Atlantic Ocean Factory was also established. Marking the initial success of his business transformation is in 2007, NAVICO is the the biggest pangasius exporter of the world.

It is also a motivation for him to pursue the dream that bringing the country’s aquaculture become further! The establishment of the India Ocean Factory in 2008 with the capacity of hundreds of tons/day has opened up a new turning point for NAVICO in particularly and the economy of seafood in our country in generally.

Beyond the purpose promoting our economy, contributing to change the living standards of fish farmers. He also wants to bring the best clean food which has nutritional value and health to consumers. In order to create a close-chain business, aim at the goal of consumer’s health, he and all employees are determined to develop a series of projects. Starting in 2012, he launched a aqua feed mill factory with a capacity of more than 200,000 Mts per year.

The ingredients is carefully selected, used modern technology in production, certified by nutrition experts in the industry. The factories has also solved the labor demand for several local workers.

In 2013, he expanded the fish farming area from 100 hectares to 300 hectares, which could provide over 120,000 MTs of fish materials per year and ensure the quality of raw materials, contributed to improve the lives of fish farmers, help them earn more income from farming from the area, learning, cultivate experience from the technical experts of the corporation.

In 2014, tilapia farming area is built with over 4,000 floating cages on the Mekong river, total productivity is 80,000 MTs / year. Establishment of fish breeding center is produced 150 million of fingerlings per year. A series of new production line systems are installed, boosting capacity up to 400,000 MTs per year.

By 2015, with more than 20,000 broodstock, NAVICO was able to supply 14 billion fingerlings per year.

And 2015 is also the year he completed close-chain system from breeding fingerlings, self-supply feed, growing out fish to processing for export.

Completing part of our goal and success always comes to those who are constantly trying. In 2018, NAVICO is honored to be one of 20 high performance joint stock companies in 2017.

So far it has been over 17 years of establishment and developement, experienced many ups and downs but NAVICO still stands stablely in the market. Besides prestige products, quality is trusted by domestic and foreign customers. Providing nutritional value for consumers. We have also been striving to bring even more values. NAVICO is constantly researching and improving to produce more healthy foods. The value that NAVICO always aims to is “CONSUMER HEALTH”.


Our board

Mr. Doan Toi

Chairman AKA CEO


Mr. Nguyen Duy Nhut

Vice Chairman AKA Deputy General Director


Mr. Do Lap Nghiep

Deputy General Director, member of BOD


Mr. Doan Chi Thanh

Director of Business Department, member of BOD


Mr.Doan Chi Thien

CEO’s assistant, member of BOD


Mr. Tran Anh

Director of Production Department


Mr. Nguyen Van Vy

Director of Aquaculture Department


Mr. Le Tien Dung

Chief Accountant