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Established year (building year): 2006

Year of production: July 11th , 2008

7.000 skillful workers

Production capacity: 700 MTs of raw material/day

Kind of products: Frozen Pangasius fillets, whole round Pangasius, frozen Pangasius steaks.

Raw material source for factory

Export markets: meeting Russian approved standards, Canadian approved standards, Korean approved standards, Chinese approved standards

Times of checking batch of finished product : all batch of finished product is checked by Nafiqaved before exporting goods

Total coldstorages of factory and each coldstorage capacity:

Number 01 02 03 04 05 06 Total
Capacity (MTs) 1.500 1.500 1.500 1.500 2.000 2.000 10.000

  • Total contacted freezing machines: 18, each contacted freezing machine capacity is 18MTs/day. Temparature of contacted freezing machine before giving out finished products is -40 ÷ -42oC, time of freezing is 1.5 ÷ 2 hour/batch.
  • Factory’s laboratory is certified with ISO-17025

List of analysing standard


1. TPC;

2. Coliform;

3. f.Colifrom;

4. E.Coli;

5. Enterobacterceae;

6. Staphilococcus aureus;

7. Salmonella;

8. L.monocytogenes.



1.  MG/LMG;

2. Chloramphenicol (CAP);

3. Nitrofuran (AOZ);

4. Enrofloxacin / Cprofloxacin.

Laboratory has total 13 analysing engineers

  • Times of getting samples for analysing microorganism: for half finished samples, for industial hygiene samples, for water samples are analysed at analysing laboratory in factory 1 time/week and are analysed in outside analysing laboratories 1 time/ month.
  • Factory get raw material samples to check heavy metal. Raw material samples are checked by Naviqaved 6
  • Factory make plan and control harmful animals and insects.
  • Having regulations about cleaning transportation of transfering raw material, finished products. Times of checking and cleaning transportation of transfering finished products and containers is per trip.
  • Times of sterilizing factory and cleaning whole factory is 1 time/week.
  • Water source is used to process products that is underground system through chemical treatment
  • Sterilizing system capacity is m3/ day. Sewage is treated with biology and chemistry.