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Packaging Factory

  • Name: Packing Producing Plant
  • Establish year: 2003
  • Beginning from a packing workshop including 60 cadres and workers with capacity 20.000cartons/day and night.
  • Till now, the number of personnel has reached 280 people with capacity 120.000cartons/day and night.
  • At present, packing plant has 3 machine lines which are capable for producing 120.000 cartons/day and night, among them, the first machine line has been upgraded to operate with the speed 50m/minute as 3 times as the current machines.
  • An evaporating boiler is capable for supplying enough steam (Ph = 8 atmosphere) for 3 machine lines to operate well; moreover, 4 hot steam basins (volume 2000m3/basin) are used for cleaning and washing Nam Viet Fish Freezing Factory.
  • The plant has three systems of machine that automatically cut paperboard to make cartons with capacity 100.000products/day and night; 5 couche-sticking machines; two BOP (biaxial orient polypropylene) covering machines with capacity 20.000cartons/day, 1 waxing machine, 21 PE making-machines, 12 PE-cutting machines with capacity 10MT bags and PE/day and night.
  • The plant has been equipped with 5 colors and 2 colors offset printers serving for high quality orders that require offset couche and other types of labels and decals. In addition, the plant has a trimming carton machine to make cartons size 1.4m with capacity 15 sheet/pc.