After nearly 20 years of sustainable development, Nam Viet Corporation has pioneered to develop the potential of pangasius in the Mekong Delta with the goal is “Improve product quality, put customer’s trust and sustainable development are on top”.

We understand the difficulties, ups and downs, pressure in this area but with the fortitude and solidarity of the all corporation, we got over difficulties to reach the success as today. After all those years we have made a difference to succeed such as: Completing a close-chain system which is always strictly controlled to meet international standards, the contribution of top research experts in the field of seafood processing and we always invole in activities to support the community.


We recognize the demands and standards of customers are increasing strictly on over the world’s market, so we have equipped ourselves with the necessary conditions to integrate with the market by bulding the in the close-chain system.

The first is on breeding fingerlings – the establishment of the breeding center – to produce 150 million of fingerlings in 2014 and by 2017 this number was 14 billion of fingerlings per year. With our enthusiasm, we produced good, healthy, high resistant fingerlings. We constantly expand our area to 300 hectares with the total productivity up to 120,000 tons of raw fish material per year and develop our own and allied farming areas to ensure the quality and quantity.

Next, we are ative in aquaculture feed with modern production lines and high quality raw materials such as soybean meal from Argentina, fish mill from Peru, … with a capacity of 300,000 tons / year.

At present, NAM VIET CORPORATION has 3 seafood processing factories for pangasius, tilapia … to export to abroad and rendering factory to make full use of all materials in the production process.

And by all of above, We are honored to become one of the 20 most efficient Corporation companies in 2017.


We have a team of highly qualified technicians, many years of experience in research and development in the aquaculture industry. We control from fingerlings to farming areas to ensure the quality of every single-product. We share knowledge, provide good fingerlings for farmers. In addition, our company also sends technical staff to monitor farmers. Therefore, farmers reduce the risks in the production process, especially quality, production of raw pangasius is increased in quantity. Beside that, we always remind ourselves that: “To satisfy customers not only having good quality product but also caring about customer carefully, enthusiastically.” Therefore, we have created a professional team with highly qualification who can listen and solve customer inquiries. We also offer many after-sales policies to help our customers get the best service from our company.


Firstly, for the health of people, not only domestic but also global customers, we put food safety on the first principle. With commitment to each product of NAM VIET CORPORATION is the result of a close-chain system that fully meets the strictly standards. We control from fingerlings to farming and apply high-tech management systems, therefore we achieved HACCP, BRC, HALAL, ISO 22000, IFS, GLOBAL GAP certification. Base on the prestige and quality, we are constantly expanding our market through the EU, America, Australia, etc. It is also the preferred choice of importers all over the world.


NAM VIET CORPORATION defines the business principle as “harmonious connection between business objectives and social responsibility, lead to sustainable development”. In all its activities, NAM VIET CORPORATION aims to link the development of the company with the development of the local economy and the country such as investment in facilities, infrastructure, job creation for employees and the implementation of health care programs. In addition to health insurance followed by the law, workers are also provided with comprehensive health insurance packages, accident insurance. In addition, we also support community such as “Doan Toi Scholarship”, charity programs inside and outside the province, support people in disaster, flood, ..

To gain prestige and stand on the market nearly 20 years. We are constantly researching and find out about the market. From that we prepares for pioneering positions, always makes differences for all the process of producing. In parallel, the values we receive will contribute to the better and better society. Your choice is our success. Put your trust in us, we will bring good quality products to you.


We are proud of the way we grow fish, throughout the operation we have achieved a lot of international certification of raw materials, processing process.



Certification of global standards for food safety by the British Retailer Consortium (BRC)

BRC initially developed the Global Food Safety Standard to help the food industry meet the legislative requirements of the European Union Product Safety Directive and the UK Food Safety Act, and thus becoming the global standard.


The IFS Food Standard is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized standard for auditing food manufacturers. The focus is on food safety and the quality of processes and products. It concerns food processing companies and companies that pack loose food products.


The certificate certifies that the product contains no prohibited substances as required by Shari’ah Islamiah (Islamic Law) and meets the requirements of food hygiene during production.


ISO 9001 specifies requirements for a quality management system when an organization wishes to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


HACCP is a basic tool in the planning of safety food production in the application of ISO 22000 in organizations involved in the food chain. The application of HACCP is consistent with the implementation of quality management systems, such as the ISO 9000 standard and the system which is chosen for food safety management in systems.


NAVICO was the first pangasius company in Vietnam to obtain ASC certification, which focuses on the cornerstones of farming: environmental protection, community factors, food safety, and traceability.


NAVICO achieved GlobalGAP certification in 2010. GlobalGAP is a farming standard developed by FoodPlus — a leading retail group in Europe — which was established to set safety and sustainability standards for agricultural products all over the world with the aim of building customers’ trust in food safety through good agricultural practices. GlobalGAP covers food safety, traceability, staff safety and health, and environmental protection.