We are proud to create a closed value chain in aquaculture farming and processing. Thanks to modern processing plants and professional people, we have created the best quality seafood products. Those products’ quality are based on proactive control of seedlings, feed, habitat, farming techniques on each of our own farming areas. In addition, we assure product hygiene and safety to be delivered to consumers are stored in quality packaging, which is manufactured from our packaging factory.

Not only controlling our own products, but we also care about the environment. We do not waste any efforts of the farmers or ourselves, the fish oil and fish meal by-product processing factory has been built to create products that supply back to farming and production.

Navico owns 20,000 pairs of broodstock, which is capable of producing 14 billion fingerlings. With gene selection technology from Norway, survival rate in the nursery process is stabilized at an optimal level. Navico's breeding area is 150 hectares in Binh Phu hi-tech farming area


Navico's feed factory has a design capacity of up to 800,000 tons per year, providing 100% of demand from Navico's farming area. The raw materials used for production are imported and purchased directly from reliable sources, which helps ensure the highest nutritional content in feed.


Navico currently owns 250 hectares of traditional farming areas (providing up to 120,000 tons raw fish per year) plus 600 hectares of high-tech farming areas that have just been invested in 2018 (providing up to 250,000 tons raw fish per year. )


Navico has a total of 3 processing plants: Nam Viet Processing Factory (DL152), Pacific Ocean Processing Factory (DL384), Indian Ocean Processing Factory (DL18), Atlantic Ocean Processing Factory (DL408) with a total processing capacity of up to 1,200 tons raw fish every day, qualifying the certificates of ISO, Global GAP, HACCP, IFS, BRC, GMP, HALAL